Our Shopping Philosophy

I have always genuinely loved clothing, and appreciated fashion as the most functional form of artistic self-expression.  In today's modern world of fast-fashion, it is all the more important to reuse well-made garments, as the textiles and construction are often hard to find, or the price when new is out of reach. Consignment is the perfect way to give fine clothing new life while still being able to have something "new" and fun. Who knows? Someone's hideous Christmas sweater can end up being the center of a funky new outfit when you make it your own and wear it ironically, or a beautiful silk blouse from a work wardrobe that someone retires can look cool with jeans and boots.  I have always believed in the combination of high fashion, street wear, and vintage to be the best way to have fun with clothes. (I'm obsessed with blazers from every era). Even fast-fashion can stay out of the landfill and in someones closet used as a layering piece and given new life.  Ultimately, dressing yourself should be a fun and playful experience so I strive to create an environment in which to shop for great economical gems, and to create an environment where one can express themselves, experiment with fashion, and have fun.