Consignment Guidelines

  • maximum of 25 items total.  You can make multiple appointments if you have more. 
  • Please bring your items clean and folded.
  • No missing buttons or un-sewn hems or holes.
  • No strong mothball smell or mustiness. If there are any signs of moths or moth holes we will either refuse or return in a plastic bag to keep them contained.
  • Please check pockets and handbags for tissues and personal belongings.
  • No workout clothes such as sports bras or shorts. We accept the occasional high-end leggings and tops from Lululemon, etc. and jackets from North Face, Patagonia and Nike. No socks, underwear, swimwear or hosiery.
  • We love vintage, the quirkier the better, but it needs to be wearable and not too fragile.
  • If pricing is not discussed in advance it will be at our discretion based on what we believe the market will bear. Information about the clothes is welcome and appreciated.
  • We will receive your clothes and typically send an itemized list with prices with in a week.